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RocHobby The People's Car 1/12 Crawler PNP

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The RocHobby The People's Car 1/12 is delivered fully roadworthy, all that is needed are batteries for the transmitter.

Classic the People's Car
The passenger car is a hit in countries around the world, and while the original intention for developing it varies, the main thing is that it is small, handy and multi-functional. In 2023, RocHobby launched the latest 1/12 rc crawler for players, based on the world famous people's car. Both the appearance and performance of this classic vehicle have been perfectly reproduced.

A perfect replica
From the lighting effects throughout the car, to the spring-loaded door locks, to the soft seats and the perfect replica of the dashboard. RocHobby strives to restore every detail of the classic passenger car, with a spare wheel and battery compartment under the hood and a replica engine in the hatch. To provide every player with a perfect replica of the rc crawler car model.

Chassis with refined design
The ground clearance is 310 mm, and the stamped center cam tube chassis is attached to the body to form a solid load-bearing chassis with high torsional resistance, and the center drive shaft and electrical wiring are hidden in the cam tube. The front and rear wheels are torsion spring independent suspensions, which have long travel and occupy little space, and we use torsion springs instead of torsion springs to present the front and rear suspensions on the rc model, which is more convenient for disassembly and tuning .

More fun
The tires are newly developed road tires and running wheels are common, open the hood and you can take out and use the spare wheel. The doors can of course be opened, the soft seats can be adjusted to the 1/12 figure, and the steering wheel linked to the steering. With the model we have installed, the plastic roof can be removed and, after removal, can also be easily placed in the rear figure.

4 channel and 2.4 Ghz
For the electronic system, RocHobby uses a 4-channel digital proportional remote control system. In addition to steering and throttle, the third channel controls the gear lever and the fourth channel is responsible for switching between all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. There is also an integrated light control that allows the headlights to be turned on during normal night driving, and the taillights are accompanied by a brake linkage effect.

Length 339mm
Width 139mm
Height 139mm
Wheelbase 202mm
Ground clearance 28mm
approach angle 31°
Off road 26°
Speed Max 8km/h
Remote control distance 80 meter