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YANTRS CLS-4045MGX High Speed & Toque 45KG Coreless Digital Servo

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  • High temperature resistance, waterproof large torque brushless adjustable drive motor, with autonomous program, to achieve excellent tuning efficiency.
  • Magnetic potentiometer, the water-resistant medium and no contact and no wear when working internal characteristics, so that the steering gear works in the left and right stroke, start and stop positioning accuracy and precision in return, combined with the autonomy program, highlight the best adjustment of the efficiency.
  • Integrated high-strength steel tooth, tooth body is not loose and durable, not easy to wipe teeth, improve the meshing accuracy of the gear system, and make the virtual position controllable.
  • With excellent performance of anti-lock technology, real-time monitoring of the load condition, so that the steering gear is not easy to damage.
  • Use digital mute technology and repeat to improve product quality.
  • Import high resolution IC to 4096 resolution, integration of autonomous digital circuit, its data processing faster and smoother.
  • The imported breathable composite waterproof glue can cover and seal the circuit board, so that the heat generated by the circuit board can be freely dispersed while preventing the water medium from entering, to achieve an excellent waterproof effect.
Model CLS-4045MGX
Housing material All aluminum CNC
Sprocket material Metal bevel gear
Operating system PWM (middle 1500usec programmable)
Operating voltage range DC6.0V~8.4V
Operating temperature -20°C~+70°C
Business corner 180°±5° (Linear encoder)
Pulsbreedte 500 to 2500 uSec
Motortype Coreless motor
Dead point 2 uSec
Lager 2BB
connector wire 22AWG 300mm JR
Dimensions 40x20x40.5mm
Weight 80g
Operating speed 0.11sec/60°@8.40V
Staltorque 50kg-cm(694 oz-in)@4800mA
45kg-cm(625 oz-in)@4000mA
38kg-cm(528 oz-in)@3400mA